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West Javanese Nasi Uduk recipe and its complementary dishes

Currently, there are many variants of western Javanese nasi uduki recipes that you can choose from  . But, of course, there is only one original recipe that is not timeless. Of course, this is one recipe that you must try,  because it contains legendary flavors typical of the ancestors of the Sundanese tribe of the past.

Nasi mistletoe is one of the typical West Javanese dishes that is easy  to find. Currently, there are many typical Sundanese restaurants that offer it to you . But there’s nothing wrong with trying to make this one menu in your homes.

But it takes patience to make this fog crisis. There are so many steps that you need to  follow carefully to get a delicious nasi uduki flavor. But take it easy, because here we will discuss it in detail for you.

Nasi Uduki is considered a great dish in West Java

In fact, the nasi mistletoe is part of the West Javanese tradition. Therefore, not everyone understands this recipe for western Javanese nasi uduki well. Only a few people understand this well.

In West Java itself, this nasi mistletoe is usually served at various sacred events such as weddings, circumcisions, house thanksgiving, opening of buildings, etc. Usually there are many people who are engaged in the manufacture of this fog crisis on their own.

Of course, the portions made are also very large. But if you make it for your own use, the method will not be too difficult. In this case, we will discuss how to complete it, with the additional menu options that are usually served in it. Arbitrary? Read the explanation thoroughly!

How to make a typical West Javanese Nasi Uduk recipe

To prepare this nasi mistletoe  , of course, the first thing you need to prepare is the ingredients. Also, make sure that the ingredients used are clean and hygienic. At the outset, here’s the explanation.

Ingredients needed

  1. 300 grams of rice
  2. Coconut milk 450 ml
  3. 2 pieces of young bay leaf
  4. 2 cloves
  5. 2 stalks masked lemongrass
  6. 2 cm cinnamon
  7. 1 tsp Pepper
  8. 1 teaspoon of salt

Ways of preparation

Once you have prepared all these ingredients  , we can immediately proceed to  the  stage of preparation of this west Java nasi uduki recipe. Try to follow the steps below in order.

  1. Wash the rice thoroughly. Also wash other materials that are used in the production process
  2. Boil the pre-prepared coconut milk . also add bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, bruised lemongrass, salt and pepper.
  3. Mix everything until completely evenly distributed. Continue stirring until the combination of spices and spices boils.
  4. Put the pre-washed rice in coconut milk and boiling spices.
  5. Continue steaming until the rice is cooked and turns into rice.
  6. After boiling, serve in a suitable container

To add flavor , you can also sprinkle fried onions, sliced red chili and cucumber on top of the rice. In addition to the fact that it looks beautiful, it increases your appetite.

It’s a nasi mistletoe making process that you can  follow. It may seem simple, but it often fails to  prepare  this typical West Javanese nasi uduki recipe  , if it does not follow the predetermined steps. So make sure you are careful when taking actions.

Tips yang Must Be Done When Making Nasi Mistletoe

There are a few tips you can do if you want to make this nasi uduki recipe. In the first, be sure to choose high-quality rice. Unqualified rice often doesn’t make the seasonings you put in there.

Not only that, but be sure to choose thick coconut milk as well. The selection of this coconut milk makes the  flavor  of the West Javanese nasi uduki recipe saltier and tastier. But on the contrary, if you choose diluted coconut milk, the taste that appears naturally will not be too salty.

Also, the apparent aroma is not strong.  Kamu can choose coconut milk pressed from real grated coconut. Do not choose ready-made coconut milk from the store. Quality is sometimes not what you imagined . Usually there are many coconut sellers on the market who offer such grated coconuts.

Nasi Uduk’s additional menu in West Java

This west Javanese nasi uduki recipe is definitely not perfect unless you complement it with additional dishes. There are plenty of nasi uduki additional menus that you  can  choose from at this time. Let’s discuss one by one how this is done.

  1. Fried chicken


  1. Chicken 1 head, cut to taste
  2. Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
  3. Kookosvesi 500 ml
  4. Bay leaf 2 pieces
  5. Orange leaves 2 pieces
  6. Masked galangal to taste


  1. shallots 8 grains
  2. garlic 4 cloves
  3. Pekaanipähkel 4 tera
  4. pipragraanulid 1/4 tsp
  5. Ginger 1 cm
  6. old turmeric 3 cm
  7. brown sugar 20 grams
  8. Salt 2 tsp


After  preparing these ingredients, you just have to take the steps to complement this  West Javanese nasi uduki recipe as follows:

  1. Wash the prepared chicken
  2. Mash all the spices, brown until it gives off the smell.
  3. Enter bay leaf, galangal, orange leaf and lemongrass. Stir until completely evenly distributed.
  4. Put pre-cleaned chicken, mixing with herbs
  5. Pour coconut water, cover the pan and let the spices in it soak.
  6. Wait until the chicken pieces become tender.
  7. Remove and drain.
  8. Heat cooking oil, fry the chicken that came with it until whippedelatan.
  9. Drain or spread it on pre-cooked rice.
  10. Kuivatatud Oreg Tempeh


  1. Tempeh 1 table, slice equivalent
  2. Red pepper 1 piece, thinly sliced
  3. Curly chili 4 pieces, sliced obliquely
  4. Masked galangal 2 cm long
  5. 2 cm masked ginger
  6. Young bay leaf 1 piece only
  7. Fresh orange leaves 3 pieces
  8. Brown sugar shaved 3 tablespoons, can also be replaced with sweet soy sauce
  9. Shallots 5 grains, thinly sliced
  10. Garlic 3 cloves, thinly sliced
  11. Tamarind water 1/2 sendok meal
  12. Salt to taste
  13. Cooking oil to taste

How to make :

  1. Once you have prepared the above ingredients, we can now proceed with the process of preparing an additional dish for this Western Javanese nasi uduki recipe. Follow the steps below.
  2. Fry the tempeh you’ve sliced dry. The degree of dryness can be adjusted according to every taste. Remove and then drain.
  3. Sauté the sliced onion until it emits a fragrant smell. Then put other spices, such as chili, orange leaf, bay leaf and galangal. Pour with a small amount of water.
  4. After that, also put tamarind water and brown sugar. Finally put the salt. Bring to a boil, correction of taste.
  5. Put the dried fried tempeh in. Stir until caramelized and all spices are infused. Remove and serve.

The combination of nasi mistletoe and its complementary dishes will certainly make the home family much more enthusiastic about eating. Do not forget to also serve mistletoe on the pillar, which is suitable for the family. To avoid mistakes, be sure to follow the steps to tidy up this West Javanese nasi mistletoe recipe.

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