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In this post, I will share information about how to turn off windows update. As it is well known that windows update serves to update the operating system regularly. This update process is usually done automatically when you turn off your laptop or computer.


Updates made by Windows usually do not match certain applications or features on your PC, so these features cannot be used properly. Well, here I will explain how to turn off windows update on windows 10. Maybe those of you who use windows 10 must feel the frequent software updates, be it to improve windows’ own performance or to add new features.






First, you open the control panel by right-clicking on the start menu and then selecting control panel.

Then select the system and security menu and select the administrative tools.

After that, a page will appear containing various tools with different functions. You choose the services one.

Then look for the windows update option and click 2 times to open the windows update properties page.

If the page is already open, change the startup type to disabled and click the stop button on the service status option, then click OK.


You can do this method if you use the professional, enterprise and education versions of Windows 10. The details of the method are as follows:


  • First, click windows + R on the keyboard, then type gpedit.msc and click OK.
  • Then select computer configuration and click administrative templates.
  • After that click on windows components and select the windows update.
  • Then double-click on configure automatic updates, then select disabled and click OK.

  • First, click the start menu and type regedit then press enter.
  • After that, access the regedit menu, which is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then select software, select policies, select microsoft and select windows.
  • Then right-click on windows, click new and select key.
  • Then enter ‘WindowsUpdate’ as the name, no spaces should be allowed. If there is an error, you can repeat it by right-clicking again on the wrong key menu and then selecting rename.
  • After the WI key is successfully created, then right-click on the key then click new and select key. Here give it with the name AU.
  • Then click the AU key earlier, then click new on the right side.

Once the new page opens, click DWORD(32-bit) Value and name it NoAutoUpdate.

Finally, double-click on NoAutoUpdate and fill in the following values, namely 0 to enable automatic windows updates and 1 to turn off automatic updates.


To do this method, your PC must be connected to WiFi, namely to activate the metered connection by right-clicking on the wifi that is already connected to your PC, then select properties. Then select the slide bar on the set as metered connection.


Those are some ways to turn off windows update on windows 10 easily. You can apply this method to your PC. Actually, the windows update has its own advantages, namely you can get new features that make the laptop performance not slow. However, it all depends on the user whether he wants to turn the windows update on or off.

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