How To Turn Off/Disable Avast Antivirus Permanently And Temporarily :StopHoax

Avast Anti Virus is one of the best antiviruses that is free and has been reviewed by many technology experts as the antivirus with the best protection. Avast’s protection can prevent malware and other more dangerous viruses that can come from anywhere, one of which is software install.


Well, there are times when you might want to shut down Avast because it hinders the installation of certain software that Avast accidentally considers a virus. If that’s what you want to do, here’s a review of how to turn off/disable avast antivirus permanently and temporarily to ease your work.


The largest part of avast’s main window is a gray rectangle with a slight texture, decorated with status icons and a large button titled Run Smart Scan. The left rail menu lets you switch from the main Status page to Protection, Privacy, or Performance.


At the bottom, you find a banner offering a welcome gift. Unwrapping a virtual gift shows a discounted upgrade to Avast Premium Security. If you decline the upgrade, it offers a 60-day trial. Avast really wants you to experience this suite!


If you decide to turn off Avast completely, be aware that you will turn off the entire antivirus protection on your computer.


Go to the Windows taskbar and look for the orange Avast icon. Then, right-click on it and find “Avast shields control”. Select one of the options – disable it for 10 minutes OR 1 hour OR until the computer restarts OR permanently. How to turn off Avast: Avast pause.

Confirm your choice by tapping YES when Avast prompts you. Finish! Avast antivirus and all shields should be paused for the period you choose.

To check if the antivirus is completely disabled, just open its main window. If it is red and says “All antivirus shields are inactive” then everything works as it should. To restore the function, click the “Finish” button and wait a bit to see the message “You are protected”.


Sometimes turning off some Avast shields is enough to download the necessary applications or unblock certain websites. Here’s what you have to do to use this option.


From the Avast user interface, go to “Protection”, then “Core Protector”. Or in the lower left corner of the Avast interface find “Settings” then go to “Components” (it can be “Active Protection” if you are using an older version). You will see a list of all Avast shields. Find the one you want to turn off and click the switcher. You’ll have four options – a protective pause for 10 minutes OR 1 hour OR until the computer restarts OR permanently. Make your choice.

If the shield is successfully turned off, you will see the button change to “OFF” and the message “File Shield is now off”. To get it back, tap the “Activate” button and wait a bit for it to turn green and you see the message “You are protected”.

It doesn’t matter if you need to disable Avast antivirus entirely or just a few of its shields, you can do it easily. And it doesn’t matter which product you’re using – Avast Antivirus Pro, Avast Ultimate, Avast Internet Security, or Avast Premier. You can even remove the software completely (which is not recommended). However, make sure you get protection back after resolving the issue.

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